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Color Contacts

A comprehensive guide to Color Contacts:

Colored contacts are awesome. They come in these cool colors that make you look totally radical. While it's understandable to be skeptical of something new, you should really check them out. You will be happy with colored contact lenses because they can improve your self-confidence and even make you more popular. This I know from personal experience - My life is so much better now that I wear color contacts. Not only that, they are downright cool. They come in all styles and sizes. There are some that are even created for people in their own custom designs. Can you believe it?

Color contacts are made to work by literally coloring the lens. These days this can even go as far as having drawn on lines and dots to better emulate the natural look of a human eye. But while the lenses themselves are colored on the portion that covers the iris (the colored area of the eye), the part that goes over the pupil is kept clear to make visibility possible while wearing them.

There are three different technologies used in colour contacts to achieve the color-changing effect. The three types currently on the market are visibility tints, enhancement tints, and opaque color tints.

Most contacts today are colored with visibility tint. This method is used on normal, non-colored contact lenses in order to make them easier to see when handling. Visibility tint doesn't change your natural eye color.

Enhancement tints are the next step up in eye color changing technology. These use solid, translucent coloring to enhance the eye's natural color. These work best for people with light eyes.

And lastly, Opaque color tint is the most effective color changing contact technology of all and produce the most dramatic results. The colors are solid and can completely change the color of the eye by covering up the natural color. If you have dark eyes, this is the type of coloured contact for you - The other methods won't work nearly as well.

You will see opaque color tinting used in movies a lot these days. In movies about monsters or zombies where a change in the color of the eye is desired, this is the method used to achieve that effect. But they are also used under normal circumstances when an actor can change their eye color to play a particular part. They have long been used in the motion picture special effects industry - since at least the 1960's. The first instance may have even been earlier than that.

The most awesome thing about color contacts is that your eyes can take on any look that you choose. You can imitate your favorite celebrity, or even change your eyes to look like those of a cat or alligator if you so choose. With color contacts, the possibilities are limitless.

Color contact technology in today's world has become fairly advanced and is getting closer to duplicating the natural color of the human eye every day. Sooner or later it will even be impossible to tell whether someone is wearing colored contacts as the technology will have been perfected as to exactly mimic the natural color of the eye.

In the past, the majority of color contact lenses were made for cosmetic use only, i.e. they had no vision correcting properties. However, this is changing as the technology has improved and people who require vision correction to see well can use color contacts just like they would use normal contact lenses. The results are just as effective in helping people see better. For future reference, lenses with no vision correcting abilities are referred to as "plano" lenses. If you require vision correction, you should probably avoid these kinds of lenses, or at least keep in mind that you will need to use another form of vision correction like glasses to compensate for the lack of vision correction in plano lenses.

Nevertheless, as previously stated there are more and more offerings in the field of colored contacts that provide vision correction. There are colored contacts available for people with astigmatism, people who need bifocals, etc., and the options are growing as well - you can currently buy colored contact lenses that are disposable, long-term, or frequent replacements. These days, there are more options than ever.

Sadly there are some disadvantages of Color Contact Lenses. Sometimes the colored part of the contact will slide on top of the pupil, making it difficult to see. Even though they come in sizes for almost everyone and can even be custom fitted, this is still a problem that can occur with most people. And due to the fact that the pupil of the eye is constantly changing in response to lighting, sometimes your vision can be affected when the pupil becomes larger than the viewing area. Hopefully someday these kinks will be worked out.

As always, if you're having problems with your new color contact lenses, you should set up an appointment with your eye doctor to get to the root of the problem. If you have frequent issues, perhaps contacts are just not right for you.

Different Brands of Color Contacts:

Acuvue Colored Contacts

Acuvue is a well known and trustworthy brand - Acuvue color contacts are medicinal, so they will be sure to fit with your eye doctor’s recommendation if you need vision correction. When it comes to get an eye exam and reliable eyewear, Acuvue is the main name when it comes to meeting your contact lens expectations.

Acuvue are the current favorite choices for changing your eye color completely or enhancing your natural color. The Acuvue color contacts are some of the most comfortable of all colored contacts—although some people find them too uncomfortable to even bear. Choosing what lenses are right for you is a very important decision and should be researched thoroughly.

Acuvue lenses are produced by VISTAKON.

Freshlook Color Contacts:

Freshlook, made by Cibavision, offers a wide variety of disposable colored contacts. There are weekly disposable colored contacts for a dramatic color change, and Freshlook One Day for daily disposable lenses. Freshlook Colorblends are great for both light and dark eyes, Freshlook Dimensions are best for people light eyes, Freshlook Radiance provide a beautiful pearlescent tint to the iris, and Freshlook Colors work great for every occasion.

They are very popular and can be custom fitted so you'll never have to worry about having a bad reaction to them. Still, some people will always find colored contacts uncomfortable so using a free trial pair before purchasing is recommended.

DuraSoft Colored Contacts:

The DuraSoft brand is also manufactured by Cibavision and are offered as vial colored contacts - which means they are designed to be long term lenses that must be cleaned every day. One pair can last for up to a year!

Clearly Colors and Impressions Colors Colored Contact Lenses:

Clearly Colors and Impressions Colors are manufactured by Marietta Vision and come in seven vivid sets of different colors to choose from. Clearly Colors are recommended for people who want to have the brightest, most stunning eye colors.

Impressions Colors only come in five shades of colors and are tailored more toward a subdued, natural look. They also feature a darker section on the outer rim that accentuates the contacts color.

Focus Colour Contacts:

The Focus brand manufactures disposable color contacts, currently offered in two different lines featuring three shades of colors - bi-weekly (1-2 Week Softcolors) or monthly (Monthly SoftColors) disposables. The colors available as of this writing are royal blue, ever green, and aqua.

Illusions Opaques:

Opaque colored contact lenses by Cibavsion. These are long-wearing vial lenses that require daily cleaning.

Expressions Colors:

Disposable coloured contacts sold under the Coopervision brand. They're available in a wealth of colors including blue, aqua, green, brown, hazel, gray, jade green, and blue topaz.

There are even more other brands, but these are currently the most popular ones.

"I want to see what I'll look like in color contact lenses!"

So how do you do it? Well, many of the popular brands official websites have a program where you can upload a photo of yourself and "try on" different color contacts to see what suits you best. Freshlook provides a very useful tool to do this on their site - If you're considering other brands, check their site to see if they offer this feature as well.

Well, there you go - Everything you ever needed to know about color contacts!

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